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ORBITAL PATHS by Richard Meyer EPUB (ebook)

Winner of the 2012 Robert Frost Farm Prize and the 2014 String Poet Prize

In the lyrical tradition of Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson, the finely crafted poems in Richard Meyer’s debut collection Orbital Paths are brimming with wisdom and wit. Accessible and begging to be read out loud, these poems travel from the depths of outer space to the backyards and back roads of Minnesota with mature (and often playful) insights into nature, relationships, religion, sex, death, mythology, and more.

“Meyer is a siren. Just try to put this collection down.” –Nicole Helget, author of Wonder at the Edge of the World, Stillwater, and The Summer of Ordinary Ways

ISBN 978-1-940419-09-1

EPUB3 digital book file is compatible with iBooks (Apple), Nook, Kobo but not Kindle.

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